Rocket From the Crypt All Systems Go 2

If the measure of a band's greatness lies in the quality of its outtakes, Rocket From the Crypt must be one of the greatest bands on the planet. This 25-song collection of seven-inches, B-sides and otherwise hard to find and previously unreleased material is the second and hopefully not last instalment in the All Systems Go series. Because like its 1993, 19-song predecessor, this collection features some of the best music the Elvis-worshipping San Diego rock gods have made since making the ill-fated jump to a major label many years back. Unlike the polished, radio-friendly fare that appear on their two Interscope records: Scream, Dracula, Scream and RFTC, this disc gives us a glimpse into the raw, nasty, good time rock and roll soul that made the band's independent releases so enjoyable. Without the overriding concern of having a hit, this compilation showcases their fusion of horned-up '50s panache and post-punk guitar drive and serves as a pleasant reminder that the band we heard on the last "real" album wasn't the "real" band at all. That said, though, their outtakes still contain songs with "hit" potential like "Tarzan" and "Heads Are Gonna Roll," but being on the band's own label, it's unlikely they'll get the radio push needed to make them hits. And in addition to the convenience of the CD format, they've included some tracks that were only available in very limited pressings so this is a must for all fans old and new. (Swami)