Robyn Announces Third Album in Body Talk Series

Robyn Announces Third Album in <i>Body Talk</i> Series
We've already proclaimed 2010 the year of Robyn. In addition to releasing the albums Body Talk Pt. 1 and Body Talk Pt. 2, she's embarked upon a lengthy world tour and in November will play Canadian dates in Toronto and Vancouver. Still, this busy schedule hasn't stopped the Swedish pop princess from unveiling the third and final instalment in her Body Talk series, due out November 22 via Cherrytree Records.

Entitled simply Body Talk, the new disc will contain 15 tracks: five songs from Body Talk Pt. 1 and five songs from Body Talk Pt. 2, plus five brand new tracks. If you haven't been keeping up to date on this year's mini-albums, this will be perfect summary of what you missed. In a press release, Robyn called this "the turbo version of the Body Talk album."

The older songs include the hits "Fembot" and "Dancing on My Own." Among the new tracks are a dance-floor-friendly electric version of "Indestructible" (which appeared in acoustic form on Body Talk Pt. 2), and "Time Machine," featuring mega-producer Max Martin, who last collaborated with Robyn back in the '90s.

Incredibly, Robyn's onslaught of new music may not be over, as she hinted that she hopes to be equally prolific next year. "I'm going to keep mixing up my tours with studio time and am hoping to stick to this new way of releasing music next year," she said.

See the Body Talk tracklist below and the album cover above. Check out her tour dates here.

Body Talk:

1. "Dancing on My Own (Radio Version)"

2. "Fembot:

3. "Don't Fucking Tell Me What to Do"

4. "Indestructible"

5. "Time Machine"

6. "Love Kills"
7. "Hang with Me"

8. "Call Your Girlfriend"

9. "None of Dem" (ft. Röyksopp)

10. "We Dance to the Beat"

11. "U Should Know Better" (ft. Snoop Dogg)

12. "Dancehall Queen"

13. "Get Myself Together"

14. "In My Eyes"

15. "Stars 4-Ever"