Robot Koch


Robot KochTsuki
Robot Koch makes his debut on Monkeytown with the release of EP Tsuki — this after the L.A.-via-Berlin-based artist won one of the Deutscher Musikautoren Prizes last year for best electronic music composer of the year. Tsuki is an album of texture, and its refined distinctions are what push the tracks to notable places — an interspersed and sporadic few seconds of strings, for example, the subtle, muffled bass that punches out time and again on "Night Drive" or the percussive curls and flourishes and double-time woodblocks on "Erase."
The gossamer haze found at the beginning of each track comes as a surprise on "Every Motion," a track that abandons the rest of Tsuki's stepped-up pace and density-bathed cuts, and instead envelops itself in the wisps of puffy bass, cut-and-paste vocals and a breezy pace." This is an album of carefully crafted subtlety meant to take listeners by surprise. (Monkeytown)
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