The Robot Ate Me Good World

When you eat something, it’s now inside you, coursing its way through your system, and if what you ate is bad, then it can do some nasty things. In Ryland Bouchard’s case, the name implies he sees his singular musical vision in the vein of how a robot would. This makes sense as this isn’t some Kraftwerk "beep-boop” robot, but a robot that is utterly disconnected from human society. It is that isolation and idiosyncrasy that really pours through these very short and semi-sweet concoctions. Take "A Pillow” for the blueprint of Bouchard’s mindset, which is his warbling voice surrounded by junkyard instruments and circus rhythms. It works in that it’s unlike anything else, but it doesn’t work due to the sheer gonzo factor. "Warrior #1” stands out as a lovely little elegy, but it’s just a wisp in the wind to the rest of this album. While this isn’t exactly a Good World, it is certainly a world that is inhabited by one person. Whether you want to join him on his mad journey is another thought altogether. (5RC)