Robin Pecknold "Corduroy" (Pearl Jam cover, live on 'Fallon')

Robin Pecknold 'Corduroy' (Pearl Jam cover, live on 'Fallon')
It's "Pearl Jam Week" on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, with the beloved Seattle band being toasted on the program in the lead-up to a performance of some Lightning Bolt songs this Friday (October 25). In case you missed it, Fleet Foxes singer Robin Pecknold teamed up with Grizzly Bear guitarist Daniel Rossen and Bill Callahan collaborator Neal Morgan to put their own twist on PJ's rockin' Vitalogy classic "Corduroy" last night, and you can check it out now.

At times, it plays more tender than the original, owing in part to Pecknold's baby duck-soft singing style not quite reaching to the rafters like Eddie Vedder's iconic marble-mouthed croon. The cover does erupt into distorted and damaged free jazz section near the end of the tune, though, with Pecknold and Rossen trilling out guitar noise as Morgan assaults his kit.

It seemed to stun Fallon, who ecstatically thanked the supergroup of sorts. Check out the unique interpretation for yourself down below.