Robert Görl Final Metal Pralinées

The manic oscillations of "Kob" and ostinato pulse of "Rave Plastik" may work brilliantly as isolated club tracks, however, as a listening experience they are mundane exercises in hardcore techno. The cyber-impressionism of "Artificial Water" and oscillating loops of "Dizzy Loophead" confirm the difficult art of repetitive minimalism. Yet it all comes together in the contrapuntal triplet variations of "Las Vegas Cowboy," where Gorl revels in his role as an arcade poseur. The percolating motifs of "Bass Spieler" sustain the momentum with cool drum & bass. Only the enticing syncopations of "Basket" can match these ten brilliant minutes, although "War Damon," "Drum Putzen" and "Exotika" ensure that this project sustains a much more compelling second half. Despite inconsistencies, the strongest moments offer substantial listening that will reward your dollar and time. (disko b)