Robert Forster & Grant McLennan Intermission

Since reforming in 2000, the Go-Betweens are finally beginning to enjoy the critical and popular success that eluded them throughout the early part of their career. Yet neither Robert Forster nor Grant McLennan were idle during the decade that their band was on hiatus. Planned prior to McLennan’s death last year, Intermission presents material from the four solo albums each released during the ’90s, and while time hasn’t been particularly kind to some songs, it does help to explain what happened during those lost years. Intermission is a comprehensive collection of 26 songs, with one CD for each of the performers. At times, it seems like there is a very good reason that some of these albums slipped through the cracks, while some wonderful songs have been omitted, such as McLennan’s "Simone & Perry,” from 1995’s Horsebreaker Star. Forster’s disc is patchy, with his darker songs proving to be the most memorable thanks to his wry sense of humour. McLennan’s material has aged better because of his knack for a good tune, but the production is occasionally a little unkind. Intermission makes a strong argument that Forster and McLennan worked best in each other’s company. Together, they compensated for the other’s weaknesses and brought forward their strengths, and their solo work only emphasises that. (Beggars Banquet)