Rob Zombie Causing Controversy With Halloween Sequel

Rob Zombie Causing Controversy With <i>Halloween</i> Sequel
Rock star/movie mogul Rob Zombie may seem like he has it all. In reality, he just has a major case of the Midas Touch. Everything he approaches becomes controversial. Take his latest endeavor, for example.

According to a recent interview with Fangoria Online, Zombie is currently in the throes of shooting H2, the follow-up to his 2007 re-imagining of the original Halloween thriller. As many will recall, Halloween was the subject of much scrutiny, attacked for everything from being the next in a recent onslaught of poorly remade classic films to having Zombie as director, his alteration of the script and so on. It's a wonder he didn't get in shit for getting in so much shit over it.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that H2 - scheduled for an August 28, 2009 release - is already catching flack even though it's still being filmed in Atlanta, GA as you read this. Apparently the latest hooplah is over the "fact" (despite the film not actually being complete, apparently it's already "fact") that main character Michael Myers spends nearly 75 percent of the movie not wearing his iconic mask.

Of course, Zombie couldn't keep his trap shut about it and let people speculate, stating, "This is not a remake of (1981's) Halloween II. This is totally my thing; my story. After I made Halloween, I was totally burned out. I said I'd never make a sequel. But after every record, every tour, I say the same thing."

If you will recall, this is basically a paraphrasing of his comments on Halloween. When it was under scrutiny, he said that it, too, was "his vision," not a "remake." Regardless, Zombie has brought the likes of Malcolm McDowell, Scout Taylor-Compton and Tyler Mane back for the sequel. And no Zombie film would be complete without him stuffing his Oscar-worthy wife into it somehow. Sheri Moon Zombie will return as Myers' mother, although the character died in the first film.

Zombie justifies it thusly, in terms of main character Laurie Strode (Scout Taylor-Compton): "As Laurie is Michael's sister, I'm playing it like he's clearly insane and so is she, but her insanity doesn't manifest itself in the same way... She's slipping into insanity throughout the whole movie."

Sounds somewhat autobiographical, doesn't it?