Rob Szabo Like A Metaphor

Standing in the face of 200 odd punk-driven and unabashed youth in a fire hall in Pennsylvania, Rob Szabo was met with an unexpected fan-base and the inspiration for the song "Johnstown Kids.” The Toronto-based songwriter Szabo is building a slow-and-steady following beyond our North American borders. The album’s story-driven melodies showcase his sharp-wit and ability to write outside of the tired and usual love-song ballad. The liner notes reveal many familiar ties from Szabo’s earlier musical efforts including musicians Steve Strongman and Roger Travassos. Cellist Alex McMaster lends her placid strings to songs "Breaking Even” and "A Sad Song.” Thrown in for your viewing pleasure are a handful of Szabo’s music videos produced by local ally Cal Brunker. Many of the songs will be familiar to faithful Szabo listeners from last year’s Late Bloomer EP, which has been gaining momentum on the local radio airwaves. The Kitchener-bred musician has had his share of brush-ins with greater acclaim. Efforts along the way include musical projects Plasticine, Marigold and inimitable Groove Daddies. Recognition for Szabo’s long-standing efforts is long overdue. His inability to defy audiences’ expectations is proving to be his best defence with which to persevere. (Basement Bar)