In Dreams

RoamIn Dreams
Roam, aka Brian Diolún, a young producer hailing from Limerick, Ireland, has managed to carve himself a biotic structure with In Dreams, where rays of ambient, glitch and IDM shine through the foliage. It's easy to see a release such as this falling through the cracks and going completely unnoticed — not because it's mundane in any way, but simply because of its obscurity.

In Dreams sounds amazing. Diolún, who's clearly got technical flair, has gotten the most out of every blip and kick on this release. Then there's the album's seamless movement between styles: "Seven Sisters" is a sombre, glitched-out piano track; "There Again" hangs on the jazzier side of instrumental hip-hop; "Sleep Paralysis" wouldn't sound out of place on a '90s Warp compilation. These elements, coupled with the rustic charm that Roam has embedded in his recordings, makes for an album that's worth returning to again and again. (Independent)
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