The Rizdales Another Payday Night

The Rizdales are what the Grand Ole Opry should be playing, and indeed once did. Singer Tom Dunphy could be Greg Keelor's brother with his nasal warbling but his band wears their love for old country far more prominently than Blue Rodeo. Actually, Another Payday Night sounds kind of like a jam session between Blue Rodeo and Hank Williams with Sam Phillips at the board. Recorded live off the floor this London, Ontario five-piece band must have had blinders on to much of country music's excesses and hokey posturing during the ’80s and ’90s because Another Payday Night reveals none of the disposable antics from that period. Instead the Rizdales, with songs like the vengeful "A Little Voodoo" and the spiteful Tara Dunphy-sung "How Cruel You Are," have written 11 golden country hits that you've never heard. (Willyboy)