Rivers Cuomo & Friends, Fanboys, Silent Venom and More Make It into This Week's DVD Round-Up

<i>Rivers Cuomo & Friends</i>, <i>Fanboys</i>, <i>Silent Venom</i> and More Make It into This Week's DVD Round-Up
Do you ever find yourself aimlessly perusing the aisles of your local movie rental store, overwhelmed by its vast selection and afraid of choosing something disappointing? Let Exclaim! help you in this troubling process by presenting our DVD reviews of the week.

Russell Brand in New York showcases the self-professed sex addict's eloquent, yet campy comedic personality. And although it will not bring riotous laughs, you'll find yourself pleasantly charmed by his stand-up style.

What happens when four Star Wars-obsessed boys decide to swindle Episode 1 from the Lucas ranch before its release? Nerdy, illicit exploits, obviously! Jay Baruchel, Kristen Bell and that kid from Not Another Teen Movie star in Fanboys.

Luke Perry returns from the land of washed-up celebrities to star in the amusingly bad Silent Venom, or alternatively, Snakes on a Submarine (as suggested by our reviewer).

Rivers Cuomo does nothing but batter his awkward image in Not Alone: Rivers Cuomo & Friends Live at Fingerprints, which also features a bizarre interview of Cuomo by apparent Weezer fanboy, Jason Schwartzman.

Oh, but there's more! Check out reviews of Clark Gable western The King and Four Queens, European spy thriller The International, Gran Torino on Blu-Ray, Josh Jackson's uber-Canadian film One Week and others in our Recently Reviewed section.