Rising Abominor

Specializing in a gritty, crusty interpretation of doom-infused metal, Danish act Rising have chosen to release their second full-length, Abominor, under their own, newly minted Indisciplinarian label. It also marks a time of great turmoil for the band, as immediately upon its release, both bassist/vocalist Hald and drummer Johansen left the project, citing creative and personal differences, leaving guitarist Jacob Krogholt the sole remaining member. While the Rising are currently being reconstructed, the conflict and hostility that gave it birth are palpable over its 40-minute run time. Rank crust punk anger burns through each song, and the thick, throaty vocals (conjuring a more rancid Motörhead) have a vile, spat-out quality that evokes profound distain. While the group may have been falling apart, the sourness of that breakup make the emotional tone of Abominor more immediate and authentic. (Indiscipinarian)