Riptones Buckshot

The Riptones' third LP opens with the throbbing slap of Earl Carter's stand-up bass, and it don't take long to know that you're in for some hopping music. And they deliver - 11 sides of potent rockabilly-fuelled roots rock with dashes of twang, honky-tonk and even a little bit of surf added for your listening and dancing pleasure. Once again produced by Ian Spanic (Dad Tom drops by too), the sound is raw and unrefined. These boys take passion over polish every time and that lends an irresistible vitality. Their sizzling blend of Sun Records rockabilly, Blasters roots punk and hard ass roadhouse is undeniable. The title track sounds like some mutant Ennio Morricone, and "Plastic Love" is pure hardscrabble Bakersfield. There's not a damn thing fancy about the record and that's why it works so damn well. (Bloodshot)