R.I.P. Touch and Go Records

R.I.P. Touch and Go Records
Marking a very sad day for rock'n'roll, highly influential Chicago label Touch and Go has announced it's closing up shop.

From now on, the label will stop pressing new releases and close its distribution operations, which in the U.S. handled albums for labels such as Merge, Kill Rock Stars, Drag City and Suicide Squeeze. Touch and Go's back catalogue will not go out of print, however, and the label will continue to manage and repress its past releases.

"It is the end of a grand chapter in Touch and Go's history, but we also know that good things can come from new beginnings," the label said in a statement.

Since it's birth in 1981, Touch and Go has gone on to become one of the most renowned labels in the world of punk and indie rock, serving as home to such seminal '90s heroes as Slint, Jesus Lizard, Big Black, Girls Against Boys, Shellac and Silkworm, as well as newer acts such as TV on the Radio, !!! and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

In recent years, the label's output had slowed but it was still far from inactive. In fact, Touch and Go released two new records this week through its sister imprint Quarterstick Records - Mi Ami's highly awesome Watersports and the self-titled debut by San Francisco's Sholi - and in 2006 the label held quite the party to celebrate its 25 anniversary.

As far as Touch and Go's scheduled new releases go, Crystal Antlers' upcoming Tentacles LP will still come out on April 7, as will the Jesus Lizard reissues in August and a Jesus Lizard seven-inch box set, which will be a Record Store Day exclusive.

Label owner Corey Rusk has yet to go public with reasons as to why Touch and Go has thrown in the towel.

To learn more on why this is indeed a sad day for rock'n'roll, please view the video below.