Riotstar Narcosatanicos

One of the most energetic old school punk bands to emerge from Hamilton, ON, over the past decade is Riotstar. The band is legendary as a live draw, their shows were always events and you never knew what would transpire at them. Often times the band never got to finish their set, mostly because of the craziness happening offstage in the crowd when they played. Things were always broken and madness would ensue — Riotstar were just too much for some to handle. Although the band's future is currently uncertain, guitarist "Gentlemen” Jeff Anderson has assembled their first album proper and self-released it to let people hear the madness in a more controlled setting. Narcosatanicos is a 17-song selection, with the 15 originals recorded over various sessions between 1996 and 2000, plus G.G. Allen and Bad Brains covers, that finds the quintet in great shape. Led by the upfront vocals of singer Marc Goodwin and the twin guitar attack of Jeff and Bryan "Punk Daddy” Brice, the band's sound will remind you of early New Bomb Turks, the Stooges and even early Mudhoney, at points, while still retaining its own original edge. Well worth searching out. (Riotstar)