Rihanna Accused of Stealing Album Cover from ECW

Rihanna Accused of Stealing Album Cover from ECW
Earlier this week, Rihanna launched the first single from her upcoming album, Rated R. The song, "Russian Roulette," set the web on fire with its dark, moody beats and vague Chris Brown referencing. However, not everyone was so pleased with the single, including former Extreme Championship Wrestling mastermind Paul Heyman, who is claiming that Rihanna stole the single's cover art from his 1998 compilation of jock jams.

In an interview with Britain's Sun newspaper [via The Daily Swarm], Heyman said, "It's pretty obvious this was copied from, or at least EXTREMELY inspired by the ECW album cover. From the barbed wire and the right arm up in the air to the blood dripping off the logo.

"Hey, I don't blame them. If you're going to copy someone, copy from the best. By the way, Rihanna... you're welcome!"

It sounds ridiculous but put the two album covers beside each other (like we did above) and they are shockingly similar. Whether or not Heyman will pursue legal action is yet to be seen but we think this would best be settled in a cage match.

On a similar note, if Rihanna seeks inspiration for Rated R's final cover art, she might want to consider Macho Man Randy Savage as a muse.