Rihanna "S&M" (NSFW) (video)

Rihanna 'S&M' (NSFW) (video)
As cheeky as Rihanna tries to be in her latest video -- and boy, do we mean "cheeky" -- the scathing, press-critiquing clip that is "S&M" falls a little flat. In it, Rhi Rhi stages a press conference where journos get ball-gagged and whipped by the singer. There are also some cut scenes that include her walking a barely house-trained Perez Hilton and cavorting with an orgy enthusiast who can't stop 69-ing blow-up dolls.

Half of the video seems to be making some sort of point about getting revenge on the media, but the rest of the clip's ham-fisted melange of softcore sex games, almost exclusively shot in eye-sore-inducing neon rooms with an obnoxious fish-eye lens, is about as awkward as finding out your dad has been TiVo-ing Skins. Kind of creepy, Rhi Rhi.