Riff Randells Who Says Girls Can't Rock

This three-song offering is the second seven-inch from BC's Riff Randalls. Since we last heard from them, they've lost the testosterone-producing lead singer and have trimmed down to a lean and mean, all-estrogen pumping, three-piece fighting machine. The leadoff track is a cover of "Who Says Girls Can't Rock," originally recorded by Toronto '70s pop new wavers the B Girls. Thankfully, it's played with a lot more oomph and gusto than the original. As for side two, it's hard not to compare this action to the Donnas, with all the girl-afied, Ramones-y punk popping going on with sung, chanted and spelled-out choruses. For sheer energy and fun, the best song here has to be "You Gotta Go," helping make this a solid step up from their more wooden sounding first EP. (Mint)