Ride Theory In This City

Hamilton, ON’s the Ride Theory have an impressive collage of retro rock on their hands with In This City, effectively accentuated with enough classic blues and early punk to flirt with any rock revivalist’s heart. This is a crammed listen, bursting at the seams with a bevy of unapologetic retro panache, like early Stooges influence ("Motel Woman” and "I’m on Board”), Strokes and Morning After Girls rowdiness ("Parking Ticket” and "Got Me On The Run”) and more melodic, Beach Boys-quelled emotion ("My Girl June” and "Devil In My Heart”). As they should, shrieking guitar solos and quick, pervasive melodies dominate the listen, crafted alongside slurry vocals and trenchant, pounding drum rhythms that roll through enough rock, punk and retro to challenge any Australian output as of late. This is one mature and impressive listen and if given the opportunity, In This City can rival the best in the scene like the Strokes and Jet. Hopefully everyone, not only in this city, but also every other one across the country takes note. (Sunbeam)