Ride "Vapour Trail" (Robert Smith mix)

Ride 'Vapour Trail' (Robert Smith mix)
On November 6, Ride will reissue their classic 1991 album Nowhere in an expanded edition called Nowhere25. To help spread the word, they've just rolled out a version of "Vapour Trail" that has been mixed by the Cure's Robert Smith.

It's best to consider this an alternate mix rather than a proper "remix," since it isn't particularly different from the original version. Smith puts some echo on the vocals and gives it a significantly longer outro before the eventual fade-out, but other than that, this is fairly true to the version that Ride fans are used to. Rather amusingly, it's referred to as a "Trail Mix."

This mix doesn't actually appear on the Nowhere25 set. Hear it below [via Pitchfork].