Rick Rubin Didn't Actually Do Anything on Jay-Z's New Album

Rick Rubin Didn't Actually Do Anything on Jay-Z's New Album
The hype machine is working overtime with rap legend Jay-Z's upcoming phone commercial new album Magna Carta Holy Grail set to drop this month. If you had some doubts about the true nature of the album's promotional videos, however, you were probably right. After all, Rick Rubin has just admitted that he had nothing to do with the record.

Speaking with XXL, the influential producer admitted that he was essentially involved in a photo op, hanging out in a star-studded studio session that was filmed for the Samsung commercial (see below).

"The point of me being in the commercials was that he was filming a documentary and he asked me — I imagine he's just comfortable talking to me — to come listen to the songs with him and just talk about the songs," he said. "Just listen to it and talk about it, and that's what we did. It was fun."

That's not to say Rubin hasn't heard the album. He offered up how he feels about Magna Carta Holy Grail, saying, "I liked what I heard, but it was a little difficult — after just coming from the Kanye sessions — to listen to Jay's album, because they're so different. I was in a very alternative and progressive headspace, and Jay's record is a more traditional hip-hop record."

A Rick Rubin-less Magna Carta Holy Grail arrives July 4 via Samsung Galaxy phones and to the rest of the world on July 8.