Rick Ross "9 Piece" / "Even Deeper"

Rick Ross '9 Piece' / 'Even Deeper'
Just like the rest of us, Rick Ross likely took some time off over the holidays after dropping his Ashes to Ashes mixtape on Christmas Eve. But with the season behind us, it looks like the Teflon Don is back in action, ready to sling his trap-game rhymes for us yet again. This two-for-one video mashes the tough-talkin' "9 Piece" with Barry White-sampling sex jam "Even Deeper."

The first half of the clip has the bawse posing in front of a tricked-out Lamborghini as he spits about selling dope via his iPhone, while the latter half has him coolly cruising the Sunset Strip in L.A. before heading out to LAX for a flight back to Florida.

You can check out the ballin' clip below.