Richie Hawtin Readies Career-spanning Plastikman Box Set

Richie Hawtin Readies Career-spanning Plastikman Box Set
Canadian techno fans, take note: genre leader Richie Hawtin is preparing a full anthology of his highly influential work under the Plastikman moniker. Following the release of Kompilation earlier this year, Hawtin is expanding the look at his career with a mammoth, all-encompassing box set.

The project is called Arkives, and will be available in four different sets. A 12-disc set called Arkives Reference will include all of Hawtin's work between 1993 and 2010, meaning six proper album CDs, as well as five discs of rarities and a DVD that contains music videos and live footage. In addition, the set will include a 64-page booklet documenting Plastikman's career.

 Then there's Arkives Analog, a vinyl collection of "exclusive tracks and a limited edition poster, presented in a deluxe custom box" that is spread across six twelve-inch records. For the completist, there will also be a combination box of Reference and Analog called Arkives Collection, as well as a digital download version called, you guess it, Arkives Digital.

The Arkives series is specifically designed to tie in with the Christmas season. It can only be purchased if it's pre-ordered between October 10 and December 31. If an overwhelming amount of Canadian-bred techno isn't enough of a motivator, fret not. Orders will also include a "special gift" from Hawtin, as well as a Christmas card and the buyer's name printed in the 64-page book.

Keep an eye on Hawtin's own Minus imprint for ordering info starting on October 10.