Richard Laviolette and the Oil Spills All of Your Raw Materials

Richard Laviolette and the Oil SpillsAll of Your Raw Materials
Amongst the most gifted young Canadian songwriters, Richard Laviolette's full-blown country exploration with the Oil Spills has rendered his most startling and cohesive collection yet. Laviolette grabs you first with his voice ― an earnest, dynamic instrument that he wields boldly. His song craft follows close behind, as his knack for infectious phrasing and weighty lyricism is all the more impressive given his young age. Laviolette is a powerful soul with a keen, empathetic eye, attributes that leap out of alluring songs like "Airtight; No Sunlight" and the playful "Snuck Right Up." The songs are brought to life by a giant and excellent community of musicians, with each bringing great character to "Funeral Song," a sly atheist's lament that, ironically, couldn't sound more gospel. There's simply no two ways about it; folk and country fans would be wise to spend quality time with All of Your Raw Materials. (Independent)