Richard Laviolette & The Hollow Hooves "Silhouettes (Live)"

Richard Laviolette & The Hollow Hooves 'Silhouettes (Live)'
One of the most powerful underground folk-rock bands in Canada, Richard Laviolette & The Hollow Hooves have quietly (perhaps a little too quietly) released their stellar debut full-length, Aging Recycling Plant, which confirms their status as a fiery artistic force.

An impassioned, outspoken writer, Laviolette has keenly used public platforms to address socio-political concerns, both directly and in impressive abstractions. Though impressive on record, his rock band really does shine live, as evident on this rough but rugged version of "Silhouettes," a song Laviolette has mostly performed solo. Here, the fury of the Hollow Hooves pushes the tune in a vibrant, ramshackle direction. The verses are still infectious, but the meaty Crazy Horse/Pearl Jam/Wintersleep musical textures give "Silhouettes" bold new definition.

Listen to "Silhouettes (Live)" here.