Richard Buckner Announces 'Surrounded' LP

Richard Buckner Announces 'Surrounded' LP
The lead-up to Richard Buckner's 2011 album Our Blood was hampered by a laptop thief and a murder investigation, but his latest sessions thankfully seem to have gone a little smoother. Surrounded is out on in the usual formats on September 3 through Merge Records.

Buckner has reportedly spent some time working on short stories as of late, and this resulted in what a press release describes as "dense, lovely prose" in his new songs. Buckner didn't use his usual songwriting tools, instead creating tunes using an electronic autoharp and an octave pedal.

The album was mixed by Tucker Martine (Spoon, the Decemberists, Death Cab for Cute), and Buckner said in a statement, "Tucker understood the urgency in me to tie the whole thing up before I fell into the same trap that I'd had finishing Our Blood and was generous enough to move other commitments around to fit Surrounded in. When I had finally finished Our Blood, I felt like I'd just survived a stroll through a mine field. With Surrounded, it was more of a sensation that I'd successfully organized a messy desk."

The album cover is above and the tracklist is below. Surrounded is available to pre-order right here.


1. Surrounded
2. When You Tell Me How It Is
3. Beautiful Question
4. Foundation
5. Portrait
6. Mood
7. Go
8. Cut
9. Lean-To