Rich Aucoin 'We're All Dying to Live' (film)

Rich Aucoin 'We're All Dying to Live' (film)
Rich Aucoin's album We're All Dying to Live just keeps on getting more and more crazily ambitious. Not only did the 22-track album feature more than 500 guests, but the Halifax pop whiz just unveiled a 56-minute film for the entire album.

The LP-length music video was created using 40 films in the public domain. A description accompanying the video explains, "This meant cutting together the 40 films and placing them into a Pro Tools session where the music was written to sync up lyrically, thematically and percussively with this newly spliced film."

It's mostly pretty weird and abstract stuff, with lots of landscapes, B-roll footage and even some cartoons, and this makes for a hauntingly gorgeous accompaniment to this dizzying, tour de force of a pop record. Watch it below.

Along with the new film, Aucoin has rolled out some new Canadian tour dates, which you can see below.

Tour dates:

3/2 Vancouver, BC - The Media Club
3/3 Victoria, BC - Lucky Bar
3/7 Edmonton, AB - Starlite
3/8 Calgary, AB - Club Hifi

3/10 Chicago, IL - Schubas Tavern
3/24 Toronto, ON - The Indies (CMW) 

Rich Aucoin - We're All Dying To Live :: Public Publication EP / Over The Top! LP from Sonic Entertainment Group on Vimeo.