Rice, Rice, Hillman & Pedersen Running Wild

The liner notes sum up the infectious chemistry that exists between these four superheroes of the bluegrass community in just two simple words: "subtle interplay." No matter which component of their collective genius appeals to you - delicate harmonies, stellar instrumentation, sensational solos, exceptional writing and/or their choice of covers - RRH&P deliver a sound that is instantly timeless. Steeped in the history of American music, Larry Rice (J.D. Crowe), Tony Rice (solo), Herb Pedersen (Dillards, Desert Rose Band) and Chris Hillman (Flying Burritos, Byrds, Desert Rose Band) have created a musical force that takes their sound, collectively, beyond anything they have accomplished as individual artists. Each release brings with it new surprises, as bluegrass is married to elements of Bakersfield country, California folk, jazz and blues to form a new hybrid that can only be called beautiful music. Standout tracks include the Beatles' "Things We Said Today," Buck Owens' "Take Me Back Again" and Hillman's own "San Antone." Their take on CSN&Y's "4 + 20" is nothing short of breathtaking. Their collective perspective on their unique brand of homegrown Americana is eye-opening, heartwarming and thoroughly satisfying. (Rounder)