Ricardo Villalobos "Voodog Pt. 1" / "Voodog Pt. 2" (12-inch preview)

Ricardo Villalobos 'Voodog Pt. 1' / 'Voodog Pt. 2' (12-inch preview)
Immensely influential techno performer Ricardo Villalobos is set to return with a new 12-inch this fall. To whet our appetites, the performer has shared a pair of samples from the release.

The songs are both called "Voodog." Part one pairs sexy spoken word and hummed vocal tracks with some snappy beats, while part two expands on those same ideas with added digital noise and out-there synth samples.

Listen to two two-minute samples from the EP below. The 12-inch will arrive this September via Pressure Traxx.

Thanks to FACT for the tip.