Ricardo Donoso Announces New 'Sarava Exu' LP, Reissues Debut 'Deterrence'

Ricardo Donoso Announces New 'Sarava Exu' LP, Reissues Debut 'Deterrence'
Experimental Brazilian-born, Boston-based composer Ricardo Donoso is looking to bridge the gap between past and present with the release of a brand new record titled Sarava Exu — as well as reissuing his debut Deterrence for the first time in a non-cassette format.

The new studio album draws from Donoso's extensive musical background of everything from contemporary composition to drone, techno and noise. According to a press release, it was written in a state of deliberate isolation and incorporates traditional elements like Candomblé rhythms, Brazilian percussion, noise and classical string instruments.

Modern film soundtracks also serve as a central inspiration; playing with the notion that music can develop fully and create an emotional response with a viewer or listener within a short span of time.

"Although each of the seven pieces are inextricably linked, one also gets the sense of a ongoing push & pull, with no resolution," the press release continues. "A constant drive of trying to get somewhere, but never really arriving — dynamic crescendos come and go, developing and falling apart again and bringing us back to where we started, the music, constantly evolving and yet going nowhere simultaneously, creating a true sense of timelessness."

In addition to the new material on Sarava Exu, Donoso will re-release his debut album Deterrence for the first time in a format other than the limited-edition cassette it was originally released as in 2011.

A press release reads: "Deterrence still serves its function of sucking you into its world, guiding the listener through barren landscapes, dreamlike imagery and moments of hopeful yearning then spitting you out on the other side. Like past Donoso releases, it begs to be excavated and explored, revealing more & more of itself upon closer inspection."

You can inspect the remastered album even more closely now, and without the help of a Walkman — it will be issued on CD, LP and digitally in the new year.

Both Deterrent and Sarava Exu will arrive on January 30 via Denovali Records. You can see the tracklistings below, where you can also hear the new song "Vesperum" and revisit the Deterrent track "Mutual Assured Destruction."

Sarava Exu:

1. Crepusculum
2. Vesperum
3. Conticinium
4. Intempestiva
5. Gallicinium
6. Matutinum
7. Diluculum


1. Simulated Charity
2. War of Attrition
3. Prisoner's Dilemma
4. Axiom of Choice
5. Mutual Assured Destruction