Ribeye Brothers Bar Ballads…And Cautionary Tales

The Ribeye Brothers are a tough chunk of meat. From the sinuous strands of their former band Monster Magnet, to the animal magnetism of their latest countrified garage sound, the Ribeye Brothers show how mad a "mad cow” can be. But here’s a cautionary tale: if you rock the watering hole like a cow feasting on it’s dead cousin, chances are you’ll have to be put down. The Ribeye Brothers recycle a sound that over the last few years has inspired a degree of fanaticism. They fall into a spectrum that has one extreme Nickelback, and at the other, Queens of the Stone Age. Generally speaking, it’s been a rollicking good time, but it’s getting old. This is not to say that the Ribeye’s cut of the infected cow is without merit, or that it doesn’t at times taste good. One could raise more than a few pints to their deliriously grooving sound, but the Ribeye’s formula is not as adventurous as it could be. Sure, they’re able to hit the psychedelic-stoner nail on the head, but it’s been hammered already. It’s all a wee bit too reminiscent of a hangover at this point. (Times Beach)