Ribbon Effect EP98

Most atmospheric post-rock bands look to the violin for instant depth and credibility, Ribbon Effect does much better with the inclusion of that loved and loathed old world staple, the accordion, and the effect is enchanting. The album (an EP whose recording predates that of the full length debut, Slip) sustains an air of purpose and suspense through its four tracks. Based on the loose improvisation style of groups like Tortoise, the Chicago trio anchors its melodies in jaunty rhythms with polka-like oomph. Shape shifting guitars playfully construct and reconstruct variations on a melancholy theme. Strangely enough, the album evokes nostalgia for the old country (I can smell the sauerkraut now), even from one who is a fifth generation Canadian. A stunning amalgamation of old and new and a fine post-debut debut. (False Walls)