Rhye Woman

You would be forgiven if Rhye's Woman immediately brings to mind Quadron's self-titled 2009 album, with both sharing similar usage of ethereal synth pads, sparse percussion and a smooth soprano voice. Many of those similarities are due to Robin Hannibal's presence in both duos. Toronto, ONs Mike Milosh (the other half of Rhye) acts as the crisp, ambient voice in the forefront throughout the album. A distinct effort has been made to play up the sexiness of the project and, thankfully, the music lives up to that imagery. The appropriately titled "Open" greets the listener with grand orchestral arrangements before dropping into a two-note snap groove. "The Last Dance" replays Curtis Mayfield's "Tripping Out" melody and stabbing horns, while the subtle "Shed Some Blood" is driven by funk guitar licks, terse 808 snares and lush, bowed instruments. All this will certainly tide you over until a proper Quadron follow-up, but in time you'll likely end up wanting for a proper Woman follow-up as well. (Polydor)