Rhino To Reissue First Five New Order Albums

Rhino To Reissue First Five New Order Albums
Say what you will about the New Order of today, but it’s hard to deny their ’80s albums are anything but great. Movement, Power, Corruption & Lies, Low-Life, Brotherhood and Technique are all classics and still stand up decades later. Fans know this and it seems Rhino knows this as well, with the label announcing that it will be reissuing each album this fall.

On September 28, Rhino will re-release each of New Order’s five ’80s albums, packaging each with a bonus disc of extended versions, b-sides, remixes and hard-to-find gems, of which there are many. Also included in each reissue will be "extensive sleeve notes” filled with interviews from all four band members. However, considering the recent tension surrounding the band, it’s likely the interviews didn’t take place with everyone in the same room.

As we previously reported, nearly a year ago the band semi-officially broke up, with bassist Peter Hook telling XFM that he was done working with the band and was relieved to get the secret out. In 2007, he later told NME: "We've decided not to work together anymore. It's been on-off-on for a while and last time we just went our separate ways."

Break up or not, it’s really always been all about the New Order of old, which by the looks of these tracklistings is going to be presented pretty awesomely. Here they are:


1. "Dreams Never End”
2. "Truth”
3. "Senses”
4. "Chosen Time”
5. "I.C.B”
6. "The Him”
7. "Doubts Even Here”
8. "Denial”

Movement Bonus Disc

1. "Ceremony”
2. "Temptation”
3. "In A Lonely Place”
4. "Everything’s Gone Green”
5. "Procession”
6. "Mesh”
7. "Hurt”
8. "Cries And Whispers”
9. "Ceremony” (Alt. Version)
10. "Temptation”

Power, Corruption & Lies

1. "Age Of Consent”
2. "We All Stand”
3. "The Village”
4. "5 8 6”
5. "Your Silent Face”
6. "Ultraviolence”
7. "Ecstasy”
8. "Leave Me Alone”

Power, Corruption & Lies” Bonus Disc

1. "Blue Monday”
2. "The Beach”
3. "Confusion”
4. "Thieves Like Us”
5. "Lonesome Tonight”
6. "Murder”
7. "Thieves Like Us” (Instrumental)
8. "Confusion” (Alt Version)


1. "Love Vigilantes”
2. "The Perfect Kiss”
3. "This Time of Night”
4. "Sunrise”
5. "Elegia”
6. "Sooner Than You Think”
7. "Sub-culture”
8. "Face Up”

Low-Life Bonus Disc

1. "The Perfect Kiss”
2. "Subculture”
3. "Shellshock” (John Robie Remix)
4. "State Of The Nation”
5. "Elegia”
6. "Let’s Go”
7. "Salvation Theme”
8. "Dub Vulture”


1. "Paradise”
2. "Weirdo”
3. "As It Is When It Was”
4. "Broken Promise”
5. "Way Of Life”
6. "Bizarre Love Triangle”
7. "All Day Long”
8. "Angel Dust”
9. "Every Little Counts”
10. "State Of The Nation”

Brotherhood Bonus Disc

1. "Bizarre Love Triangle”
2. "1963”
3. "True Faith” (Shep Pettibone Remix)
4. "Touched By The Hand Of God”
5. "Blue Monday '88”
6. "Evil Dust " 7. "True Faith - True Dub”
8. "Beach Buggy”


1. "Fine Time”
2. "All The Way”
3. "Love Less”
4. "Round & Round”
5. "Guilty Partner”
6. "Run”
7. "Mr. Disco”
8. "Vanishing Point”
9. "Dream Attack”

Technique Bonus Disc

1. "Don't Do It”
2. "Fine Line”
3. "Round And Round”
4. "Best & Marsh”
5. "Run (II)”
6. "MTO”
7. "Fine Time” (Silk Mix)
8. "Vanishing Point” (Instrumental)
9. "World In Motion” (Cabinieri Mix)

New Order "Temptation” rehearsal in short shorts