Rheostatics Rhedone TRIBUTE

While the Rheostatics were waving goodbye, some of their musical beneficiaries created the ultimate parting gift. With the announced departure of Tim Vesely and Michael Phillip Wojewoda last year, the Rheostatics’ already scheduled show at Massey Hall on March 30 became a grand finale. Though the 27 year-old band likely knew what their last waltz might mean to devoted admirers, they didn’t know about Rheostatics Tribute: The Secret Sessions. In early 2007, Zunior.com’s Dave Ullrich secretly contacted artists like the Weakerthans, and Wooden Stars to record versions of Rheos songs. Even the long-lost Weeping Tile and Local Rabbits reconvened for the occasion, and the resulting 13-song compilation was released prior to the band’s final show, pleasantly surprising the band. The Secret Sessions is a trusty testimonial from a generation of artists who found their own paths thanks to an independent trail blazed by the Rheostatics.