Reznor to Curate Fan Submitted Ghosts Film Festival

Reznor to Curate Fan Submitted <i>Ghosts</i> Film Festival
Yes, keep leading us into the future of fan-artist interactions, Mr. Reznor. Continuing his habit of posting cryptic notices on, the recently richer independent artist had fans waiting for another major announcement on the site yesterday. The big news this time? "The expansion of the Ghosts project into the visual world," Trent writes, after expressing a "sincere THANK YOU for the response to Ghosts," by offering to treat his faithful fans to coffee.

Before you start dreaming of a steamed goat's milk cappuccino at the expense of broody-Mc-moneybags - he wasn't serious about the coffee. He's dead serious though, about giving NIN fans the opportunity to create open concept visual art to accompany the music of Ghosts I-IV.

"Early in the project we thought it would be interesting to see what the community could create / collaborate on as a reaction to the music we were making. We wanted to keep the canvas as blank as possible for you, hence the lack of descriptive song titles and the primarily textural artwork and packaging."

To facilitate the sharing process, the band has teamed up with Youtube to host a Ghosts "film festival". A team including Reznor himself will sort through submissions and set aside exceptional entries to be featured in the "film festival" which is expected to take place in coming months.

"This isn't a contest and you don't win elaborate prizes," writes Reznor. So what's the motivation for budding visual artists, aside from potential exposure and personal satisfaction in the act of creation?

"It's meant to be an experiment in collaboration and a chance for us to interact beyond the typical one-way artist-to-fan relationship," Reznor explains. "We've discussed some interesting ways this could go, including multiple instalments of the online "film festivals", to broadcast TV specials, to a one-time live performance of the entire Ghosts record with your visuals involved. It really depends on how this progresses and develops."

Keep an eye on submissions as they emerge at the official NIN Youtube channel.

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