Reviews of 'The Counselor,' 'Bad Grandpa' and 'The Summit' Lead This Week's Film Roundup

Reviews of 'The Counselor,' 'Bad Grandpa' and 'The Summit' Lead This Week's Film Roundup
If you still haven't decided what to be for Halloween, this week's new film releases may be able to provide you with some last minute inspiration. The Counselor features a colourful, spiky-haired Javier Bardem as a flamboyant nightclub owner, while Bad Grandpa finds Johnny Knoxville dressed up as an 86-year-old man. These represent but a glimpse at the cast of characters you'll find in the latest edition of our weekly Film Roundup. Check it out below, then head over to our Recently Reviewed section for even more new film releases.

Having already proven himself as a gifted novelist, Cormac McCarthy has tried his hand at screenwriting with The Counselor. The Ridley Scott-directed film features an all-star cast including Brad Pitt and the aforementioned Javier Bardem, but is this star-studded ensemble enough to save the film from misguided execution? Read on to find out.

The folks behind the Jackass films are back with the surprisingly pleasing hidden-camera film Bad Grandpa. Long-time collaborators Jeff Tremaine, Johnny Knoxville and Spike Jonze teamed up to write the film, which stars Knoxville in disguise as elderly citizen Irving Zisman.

Psychological horror flick Escape from Tomorrow seems destined for cult status thanks to its surrealist, gonzo-style approach, while The Summit documents the tragic 2008 K2 disaster, during which 11 mountain climbers lost their lives while attempting to ascend Earth's second highest mountain.

Finally, German jazz trumpeter Volker Goetze documents the remarkable talents of Senegalese musician Ablaye Cissoko with Griot. The film is a must-see for anyone enthralled by the meditative qualities of musical composition.

There are many more film reviews where these ones came from; stop by our Recently Reviewed section for additional reviews.