Reviews of Biblical, Metronomy and Harlan Pepper Lead This Week's New Release Roundup

Reviews of Biblical, Metronomy and Harlan Pepper Lead This Week's New Release Roundup
With the spring thaw comes an array of new: flowers bloom, birds fly back north, patios open up and, like every week, another wave of new releases bloom. To help you pick the right ones, we've rounded up reviews of some of the week's big releases below. Take a look, then head over to our Recently Reviewed section for new reviews.

First off, we have Monsoon Season, the new album from Toronto rockers Biblical. The release is the band's first album with New Damage Records and the follow-up to their 2011 self-titled EP, but has it been worth the nearly three year wait? Read the full review to find out.

Next, Metronomy release Love Letters, the fourth album in their catalog, today. The record finds the band taking some unexpected turns their fans may not have seen coming, but our reviewer found that the album "shows that Metronomy are determined to remain distinctive and progressive with their music."

Hamilton's Harlan Pepper have dropped Take Out a $20 and Live Life to the Fullest, and it shows the band taking a slightly new path. The band have taken the elements of their roots-rock sound and stressed the rock'n'roll this time around, but the strength of their songwriting still shines through.

In the realm of soul and R&B, Soul Movement Vol. 2, the new record from Slakah the Beatchild is out, and according to our reviewer, finds Slakah delivering "stronger vocals, stronger lyricism and a stronger sense of what he wants to accomplish" compared to his earlier albums, offering those willing to explore the record plenty of reasons to keep listening. Meanwhile, on the rock side of things, Dean Wareham's self-titled solo record is a "joyous, well-executed mish-mash rooted in crisp sounds," according to our reviewer, with tracks ranging from lounge-y to moody to downright stomping.

Finally, London electronic musician Max Cooper, known mostly for his remixes and EPs, has released his debut LP Human. The record is led by his brilliant single "Adrift," but does the rest of the album hold up to the standard set by the notable track? Only the review holds the answers.

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