Get Reviews for 'Ouija,' 'St. Vincent' and '1000 Times Good Night' in Our Film Review Roundup

Get Reviews for 'Ouija,' 'St. Vincent' and '1000 Times Good Night' in Our Film Review Roundup
The colder weather is sneaking its way into October, so what better way to spend the end of the workweek than by checking out some new movies at your local cinema? Each and every Friday, we compile a list of reviews of this week's must watch films. Let us help you with your decision via the reviews described below. Then, if you're looking for more, stop by our Recently Reviewed section for more suggestions on what films to spend your hard earned dollars on this weekend.

First up on the list, we have Ouija, based on the creepy, spirit-searching board game. What's to come of this group of teens who dabble with dark magic? Is it worth the nostalgic, spooky walk down memory lane? Read on to find out if this teen-centric horror flick is worth checking out.

Next up, for all the Bill Murray fans, is St. Vincent, which happens to be director Theodore Melfi's first feature-length debut. The question is posed: Will this be Murray's shot at an Oscar win? Check out the film review to find out if this could be his chance.

1000 Times Good Night stars Juliette Binoche, who plays a Western war photographer in the Middle East. The film was highly influenced by the Norwegian director Erik Poppe's own experience as a war photographer. Read our review to see if it's worth buying a ticket to.

Last, but absolutely not least, is the Sundance and Cannes Film Festival audience pleaser Whiplash. The film stars J.K. Simmons, who plays a music teacher from hell at a prestigious music school with intimidating teaching methods. Find out if this film will have you marching to the beat of the drum all the way to the theatres by reading our review first.

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