Reverend Glasseye Happy End and Begin

This EP barrels into a dark tunnel that sounds like it leads to a thousand destroyed concerts. This avant-garde outfit plays out like a drunken walk around the dirty streets of New Orleans, or like a secret party that has gone on into the darkest early morning hours. With vocals that sound like a hybrid of Nick Cave and Peter Murphy, and a storytelling style to rival Tom Waits, Reverend Glasseye are both a spectacular disaster and a charming achievement. Songs like "Last Standing Man” and "Sins of Portsmouth” ramble on like a page out of Bukowski, while a church organ, guitars, and a slew of other instruments plod on like a sombre, broken orchestra. Reverend Glasseye’s debut release Black River Falls was a well-received independent release, having gone into its fifth pressing. This is one of those discs that will give you that unstoppable urge to keep hitting play over and over again, and it wouldn’t be a surprise for this EP to be just as adored as the band’s debut. (Music for Cats)