Reuben and the Dark

Main Stage, Yellowknife NWT, July 19

Reuben and the DarkMain Stage, Yellowknife NWT, July 19
Photo: Randi Beers
Reuben and the Dark are a beautiful band. They have an ethereal sound, deep harmonies and a style influenced by gospel. The band are the most low-key of all the festival's headliners, but they were still able to rock for kids in the front kicking up sand.

Sing-alongs to "Rolling Stone" and "Bow and Arrow" aside, the highlight of the performance was collaboration. Reuben and the Dark invited the Strumbellas on stage for their final song. Everybody had a percussion instrument in hand as well as confetti guns, which they shot into the adoring crowd.

The great thing about Reuben and the Dark was that they were able to fill the giant main stage with their haunting sound, but hearing them play a festival main stage made me yearn for the chance to see them in a more intimate space.
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