Retox YPLL

Formed in 2010, Retox are one of the latest violent outlets for Justin Pearson, founding member of the Locust and Three One G Records. Following their 2011 album, Ugly Animals, Retox's sophomore effort, YPLL, is a much more finely carved and polished version of their earlier musical assault, falling somewhere between hardcore punk, powerviolence and sci-fi surf. Tearing through 12 tracks in 22 minutes, YPLL is lean and vicious, a cataclysmic collision of elements, as Pearson's spazz-out, smoldering vocals crash against Michael Crain's guitars and Thor Dickey's tense, throbbing bass. Brian Evans' drumming, while violent and chaotic by most standards, often serves as the anchor that keeps the songs from shaking themselves apart; it's hard and precise enough to serve as both breath and heartbeat. "Greasy Psalms" is a mean, swirling pool of bitterness, while "I've Had It Up To Here I'm Going To Prison" is an urgent, fractured ode to rage that can't be contained by the threat of consequences. Caustic, clawing album closer "Consider The Scab Already Picked" is easily a highlight, and practically epic at three whole minutes, dragging itself forward to crest the last hill of its misery. Retox promised devastation with Ugly Animals and have delivered it again, sharper and surer, with YPLL. (Epitaph)