Retox "Piss Elegant" (Murder Death Kill Co. remix) (video)

Retox"Piss Elegant" (Murder Death Kill Co. remix) (video)
Retox's recently wrapped string of Canadian dates with Melvins Lite found the California quartet bludgeoning audiences with their hyper-speed "brutal surf music." It may be a while before the band make it back up north, so enjoy a new and vicious remix of Ugly Animals closer "Piss Elegant," care of Murder Death Kill Co., in the meantime.

While the original pummelled its way into our hearts via violently pounded beats and shards of six-string noise, the remix manages to be even more intense. Justin Pearson's glassy gargle gets chopped up and manipulated throughout the piece, while Murder Death Kill Co. ramps guitar snippets into the red.

Visually, the video clip gathers a bunch of disturbed doodles, from Ronald McDonald slitting his throat, to furry goatlords, to a cymbal-splashing monkey, and flashes them all by in a flurry.

Check it out below.