Beneath California

RetoxBeneath California
Man, I love the bubble that Retox operate in, delivering their crazed punk noise with never-ending amounts of energy, really remaining hip and cool precisely because they're not. It's a fact that is as circular and mind-numbing as the band's messed-up noise-punk, which here scrambles and bounces and grates as gloriously as ever: "We Know Who's the Prick" may as well be a lost Swing Kids tune, and the mania of "Death Will Change Your Life" sums up the chaos nicely, the band members proving that they are lifers at this kind of punk provocation.
"Without Money, We'd All Be Rich" proves this band is more than cute song titles with its aggravating punk, while "You're Only a Crook If You Get Caught" grinds and pummels like Clikatat Ikatowi is a name that still matters. It probably does to the members of Retox — another reason why their punk charms like few others. (Epitaph)
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