Retarded Goes Louder

Clearly influenced by the simplistic nature of the Ramones and the bastardised, self-deprecating humour of the Queers, Retarded deliver 12 pieces of old school punk rock that border on pop thanks to straightforward time signatures and a vocal delivery that follows any underlying guitar chords. Regardless, Retarded manage to infuse a touch more modern day anger and snotty attitude into the Zeke-like essence (albeit without so much heroin withdrawal) of their songs, thereby turning the majority of Goes Louder into a wonderfully descriptive truth. One can almost picture this quartet posturing away in their jam space or bedroom, striving to achieve the best Johnny Ramone pose while still looking as though they’d tear your face off. Overall, it would seem as though the only people who truly learned from the long history of camaraderie between Motörhead and the Ramones were, well, Retarded. It’s surprising how sometimes the stuff that tries the least winds up being the best. (Insubordination)