Rescue Volume Plus Volume

Previously available on Dead Droid Records, these two discs combine Rescue’s full-length, Volume Plus Volume, with their debut EP, Even People and Not the Odds. Also included here are two unreleased new songs, the band’s first demo, and, of all things, a techno remix of the song "Like Spaceships.” While there might not be enough new material here to satisfy those already familiar with Rescue’s exciting blend of math-y emo-esque rock, the wider distribution channels offered by Forge Again Records will hopefully expose more listeners to this Detroit group’s stellar musicianship and quirky songwriting style. Given that the band is currently working with producer Ross Robinson on their next full-length, that number of listeners is likely to grow exponentially within the next few years. And for good reason — Rescue’s technical abilities as a band are phenomenal, and their songs never suffer under the weight of what could easily become overbearing technical prowess. This double-disc set is the perfect introduction to a band you’re likely to be confronted with again and again in the very near future. (Forge Again)