Rephlex Records Co-founder to Release Album as Piece of Land?

Rephlex Records Co-founder to Release Album as Piece of Land?
Grant Wilson-Claridge may be best known for co-founding Rephlex Records with Richard D. James (a.k.a. Aphex Twin), but he's now making headlines (and possibly history) by trying to release an IDM album as a piece of land.
Wilson-Claridge has enlisted the help of We Are the Music Makers Forum boss Joyrex to run the project's Kickstarter campaign, following his involvement with the successful release Aphex Twin's rare Caustic Window album last year.
The new endeavour is seeking $30,000 to release Wilson-Claridge and his creative partner Aleksi Perälä's colundi everyOne — the album hoping to arrive in the form of a plot of land.
The duo's idea is based on their custom musical scale, the colundi Sequence, which "represents the common coincidences in the different philosophies and views of Life, in an effort towards Common Purpose, Unity, Peace & Balance" expressed through forms like cooking, painting, writing, dance, gardening, etc.
"Some say it is a cult," reads part of the campaign's description, though it brushes off these accusations, stating: "It is a social group with novel beliefs and practices."
Their theory states that there are 21 levels to ascend (though it is "impossible for anyone to reach all of them in one human lifetime"), with the new IDM record acting as the ninth.
Wilson-Claridge describes the "album" as "A colundi Sanctuary. Embassy. Community. Example. Retreat. Festival, Hub" that will hpefully be located near Cornwall, UK. The final location will be determined by the total of funds raised.
From this starting point, the project hopes to create a series of nodes across the globe that will be "ultimately linked together and grow."
Not much has been revealed on what the project will actually sound like, other than: "Level 9 frequencies will be physically incorporated into the property somehow (tbc, e.g. struck metal bars, looped radio broadcast etc), so it can be heard on site."
It's a lot to wrap one's head around, but you can read about the colundi theory in further detail and pledge money if you wish to do so at the Kickstarter page. The campaign is scheduled to run until March 25.