The Rentals Detail 'Lost in Alphaville' LP

The Rentals Detail 'Lost in Alphaville' LP
Late last year, former Weezer bassist Matt Sharp revealed that his band the Rentals were working on a new album. Now, six months later, full details for the project have emerged.

The release is called Lost in Alphaville and marks the first full-length album from the group in 15 years. The record features 10 new songs.

Aside from Sharp, who wrote all the material and also produced this album, the Rentals have always had a rotating cast of members. On this album, the Rentals are composed of the Black Keys' Patrick Carney, Lucius' Jessica Wolfe and Holly Laessig, Ozma's Ryan Slegr, and Lauren Chipman of the Section Quartet.

Sharp described the project with the following statement:

If you can't whip yourself up into a state of full-blown rapture while you're creating, I don't really see the point of making music.... When I was working with Jess and Holly, for instance, I was fairly grounded in reality, but once I took their tracks back to my house I would loosen the reins to my sanity, crank the monitors so loud that all the instruments and voices would blissfully saturate together to a point where all of my delusional thoughts would just roller-skate off to Xanadu.

Lost in Alphaville will arrive on August 26 via Polyvinyl. The album's lead single "Thought of Sound" can be streamed below.

Lost in Alphaville:

1. It's Time To Come Home
2. Traces Of Our Tears
3. Stardust
4. 1000 Seasons
5. Damaris
6. Irrational Things
7. Thought of Sound
8. Song Of Remembering
9. Seven Years
10. The Future