Renfro Mathematics

With the release of Mathematics, the UK duo known as Renfro (aka Atom James and Tim Branney) introduce a collection of discoveries and manipulations that create a collage of sounds that delicately encases the listener. Renfro meld eclectic elements that, on their own, would seem insignificant, but together produce dreamy, serene down-tempo with a multitude of components to absorb. Their four-track EP dabbles with an assortment of recordings that let Renfro embrace the future amongst sounds of technology disbanding. Recordings of elephant seals along the California coast mix with rustling trees and satellite signals. The result is seemingly complex and layered sounds that also have simplicity. One spin of the album offers an airy, atmospheric vibe but subsequent listens have you deconstructing each individual noise, glitch and blip. The first song off the EP, "Broken Little Pieces,” is even comparable to the more subtle elements used on Thom Yorke’s solo release, The Eraser. Combine that with the gentle vocals of Branney and you have distinctive, innovative, serene electronic music that explores the poetic. (Independent)